🏡 Lobby House Tour

July 7th, 2021

Conversation Section

Conversations: A list of all of the pre-set and organic conversations within the event. Click ‘Join’ to hop into any conversation that isn’t full or private.
Public Chat: A chat to message everyone in the event.
Chat: A chat to message people only in your smaller video conversation. This chat history will follow you from conversation to conversation so that you can see a log of your smaller conversations from an event.
Help: A list of answers to your questions and a way to get in touch with the Lobby team if you need help with anything.

People Section

All guests in the event are listed here. Scroll through to find someone’s name or search it in the top search bar. By clicking on someone’s name, you can:

  1. Invite them to a new conversation
  2. Invite them to an existing conversation
  3. Ban them from the event

Bottom Bar Navigation [in order of icons]

Phone Icon: For leaving your current conversation. By clicking this, you’ll be hanging out alone in the event and not part of any conversation.
Mic Icon: For muting yourself.
Camera Icon: For turning your camera off.
Screen Icon: For sharing your screen with your smaller conversation.
GIF Icon: For sharing a GIF reaction over your video for a few seconds. Use the search bar to find the perfect reaction.
Full-Screen Icon: For enlarging your Lobby window to full screen.
Dice Icon: For initiating a game of Gezellig with your smaller conversation.
Gear Icon: For accessing your video and audio settings.

Left Bar Navigation for Hosts Only [in order of icons]

Stage Icon: For setting up the stage that hosts can hop on and off of. The stage is broadcasted to all conversations at once so that guests can experience the contents together. As a host on stage, you will see a carousel of the smaller video conversation, but with no audio. This way, guests can keep interacting as they watch you on stage.
Poll Icon: For sending a poll question to all of your guests to respond to. Responses will be broadcasted to everyone as well.
Collect Feedback: For sending an in-event feedback form at the end of your event to get live feedback about your guests' experiences.
Announcement Icon: For sharing a pop-up message to all guests at once.
Camera Icon: For taking an event photo. Lobby will let your guests know that a photo is being taken and then create a beautiful mural of all of the faces at your event.
Play Youtube Icon: Just like the stage, this feature lets you broadcast to all guests at once. With this action, you can share a youtube video with everyone. For this, we would recommend that your guests wear headphones so that there isn't an echo issue.
Redirect Icon: For sending your guests to another link at the end of an event.
Ban Icon: For seeing the banned users from your event.

Top Navigation

Search for anyone: For finding someone in the event and inviting them to a new or existing conversation.
Exit Lobby: For leaving the event and sending an optional message to the hosts.