❓Lobby FAQs

July 7th, 2021

What can I share with my guests ahead of time?

  1. We recommend sharing these videos, which help increase attendance and orient people when they arrive: Lobby is more fun and  What to expect.
  2. Guests simply follow a link to join - no sign-up or download required

Can I have multiple hosts at my event?

  1. Yes, simply have your hosts join with the host link (up to 8 hosts)
  2. To allow multiple people to access your Host App account and edit events, send a note to our team with the emails of the team members you would like to add.

What games are built-in?

Gezellig and Trivia are built-in. Launch Gezellig from any conversation or get on stage and start Trivia for everyone in your Lobby

Does it work on mobile and desktop?

Yes! Lobby is accessible on mobile and desktop. If accessing on web browser, use Chrome, Safari, or Edge (Firefox does not run Lobby)

How does Lobby work with VPNs?

Lobby works with most VPNs. However, if Lobby is blocked, guests are prompted to turn off their VPN or access with a personal device.

Do you have troubleshooting for guests?

Yes - if a guest has any trouble in your event, refer to Guest Troubleshooting

Can I ban attendees?

Hosts have the power to ban attendees and banning them will block their entire IP address (they won’t be able to just join from another device).

How do I create or edit an event?

It’s all done through host.lobby.app and our walkthrough is here

Is Lobby secure and private?

Lobby is extremely secure and private - we’ve prioritized security from Day 1, please see our Security & Privacy Statement