🔨 How to structure your events

July 7th, 2021

You're the event pro, but we're here to make your life a whole lot easier. Different events will require different structures, but here are some best practices for event agendas.

  1. Stage Welcome: If it is the first Lobby event for most of your guests, start your event with the host on the stage. This host can help orient guests as they arrive and encourage them to join conversations that aren't full.
  2. Lay of the Land: While on stage and once everyone has entered the event, take a moment to explain how Lobby works and how to have the best guest experience for your event (i.e. move around a bunch, don't be afraid to speak to someone new, try out the in-conversation games)
  3. Game Time: If it's appropriate for your event, starting with an Event-wide Game like Trivia can really help people break the ice with their smaller groups.
  4. Mix and Mingle: Give your guests the chance to connect with the stage turned off. This allows guests to focus on meeting new people or getting to know people better. You can also encourage your guests to play In-Event Games when mixing and mingling.
  5. Stage Goodbye: At the end of an event, it's great to get up on stage and thank all of your guests for coming. Depending on when you set the end of event time in your host app, you can either let people know that the event is ending shortly or let them hang out longer if they'd like.

Have specific questions about how to structure your event? Reach out to your friends at hi@lobby.app.