❗Guest Troubleshooting

July 7th, 2021

I can’t see or hear myself

Check your audio and video settings under “...” in the button row, right below the videos.

My video is frozen or I can’t change conversations

Try refreshing the browser and this will refresh the app

I can’t see the stage

Not to worry - try turning off any firewall you have on or disconnecting from a VPN you might be running.

I can’t see video of people in my conversation

If you have many tabs open or have not restarted your browser recently, try restarting the browser and joining again.

Audio or video is choppy

Try moving to a place with a stronger internet connection or joining on a computer if you are using a mobile device.

A conversation is full and I can’t join it

Groups are capped at a limit so we can enjoy hearing each other in smaller conversations. Try inviting someone to a new conversation or wait until the group has space.

I need to talk to everyone at once

To talk to everyone at once, ask your host to invite you on stage.

I can’t unmute myself

We err on the side of keeping your mic muted. If you encounter a situation where you can’t unmute yourself, refresh the page and rejoin the event.

I can’t hear others

Audio may be playing through another device. If you are using Bluetooth headphones, try turning them off.