🎨 Creating / editing an event

July 7th, 2021

Every new event automatically has Lobby’s core features built-in. Your guests will love the autonomy of starting new conversations and moving freely between them.

To create a new event, enter your host dashboard to create or edit an event. Click the pencil icon to edit your existing event or click create event.

  1. The basic info tab allows you to edit general details of your event like name, timezone, event date, start time, and duration.
  2. The welcome message tab allows you to edit the note that all of your guests will see when they first join an event. Try to keep this short and sweet.
  3. The theme tab allows you to customize the colors, logos, and photos in the event. Click theme and either select one of the preset options or click my custom theme to create your own. When creating your own, the best color to try modifying is the emphasis color.
  4. The music tab will let you pick music that your guests will hear when they first join the event. Click playlist and select one of the options.
  5. The social dynamics tab will let you set your event capacity limit, conversation limit (suggested to be 6), the option for private conversations in the event, and point of interest sign-in info (what info the guests will fill out before entering).
  6. The rooms tab will let you set up pre-named conversations that guests will see when they enter the event. Some examples of common ones are ‘welcome area’ and ‘help desk’. These can also be conversation topics or table numbers depending on your event structure.
  7. The data collection tab lets you select if you would like to collect guest email addresses as they enter your event.