Online Communities You Need to Join Right Now

June 1st, 2021Community

Over the course of history, communities have formed with people who live in close proximity to one another. After all, if you could gather a group of 30 book lovers to meet in your backyard… why wouldn't you?

The answer to that question is something that was revealed to many of us during the pandemic.

While face-to-face interaction will always be a valued part of human life, the past year has opened our eyes up to a new kind of community building; a virtual format that allows you to connect with like-minded people from across the globe. Not to mention, this new format also saves you time, money and effort.

Online Communities to Check Out

If you’re as excited about online communities as we are, it’s time to learn about some communities worth checking out.

1. Kinnd

Meeting new people can be tough, but Kinnd makes it easier. Kinnd is a friend-making organization that brings people together online.

As Kinnd likes to put it, their community events and services “act as the icebreaker for the initial connection, removing the ambiguity and awkwardness often associated with online friend-making”.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded people who also want life-long friendships, then Kinnd is the community for you.

Learn more about Kinnd here.

2. Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup

The Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup is a community that started off in person and grew exponentially when it transitioned to an online format.

The community offers a series of weekly events, including Speed Networking every Wednesday morning and an evening social mixer twice a month.

If you're looking to expand your network and make meaningful connections, Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup is the community for you.

Learn more about The Toronto Professional Women’s Meetup here.

3. The Moto Social

The Moto Social is an international motorcycle community that connects like-minded riders from across the globe.

Once a month, this crew meets up so that riders can connect with new people in the community and deepen relationships with existing pals.

If you're looking to bond over the love of bikes, The Moto Social will hook you up with the perfect crew.

Learn more about The Moto Social here.

4. Canadian Women-Identifying Leaders in Tech

Canadian Women-Identifying Leaders in Tech is a community of like-minded industry enthusiasts looking to connect with others in the space.

The community meets up twice a month on Friday and events consist of a short industry panel followed by casual networking.

If you’re looking to hear from industry leaders and connect with other women-identifying tech professionals, Canadian Women-Identifying Leaders in Tech is worth checking out.

Learn more about Canadian Women-Identifying Leaders in Tech here.