Friend-Finding with Kinnd

June 16th, 2021

How Lobby is being used as a tool to form new friendships in isolating times

What's Kinnd?

Kinnd is a pioneering digital friend-making experience that removes the awkwardness that can be associated with making new pals.

The Problem They Faced

Making friends is hard to begin with, but trying to facilitate this for hundreds of people on an inherently un-social platform, like Zoom, was not working. Kinnd needed to find a way to bring people together in a meaningful way.

How They Use Lobby

Kinnd allows event attendees to have natural, in-person-like conversations with their friend matches. Unlike speed dating, you have time to actually get to know the person you're with or move to another conversation quickly if you don't have a connection.

The Outcome

Events that take the awkwardness out of friend-making and allow isolated people to make new lifelong connections.

  1. 80% of members with at least one new friend they want to stay in touch with
  2. The ability to meet and connect in smaller, more intimate groups
  3. Ease of conversation with in-app icebreaker games

Want to give Lobby a try? Head to our website to learn more and start a two-week free trial.