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Move around freely

Talk with who you want for as long as you want, in small groups or one-on-one with anyone that joins.

A graphic with a person speaking to one large group compared against a number of people speaking amongst many small groups

Experience together

Chat while watching a video or a presenter on “Stage”, in a workshop, panel discussion, or live demonstration.

A group conversation is on-going during a stage presentation

Play games

Bond and have fun together while playing games: Trivia, Gezellig and more.

A grid showing many on-going Lobby conversations

Have private conversations

Mark a conversation of any size “Private”, a handy tool for when your discussion gets serious.

A private conversation between two people

Customize completely

Upload your logo, choose your colors, and select social dynamics to set the atmosphere.

Choose what attendee information is collected and displayed.

A grid showing many on-going Lobby conversations

Appreciate privacy & security

We have prioritized privacy and security from Day 1. We never sell targeted ads, we fully encrypt audio/video, and we are aligned with NIST and GDPR standards.

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How people are using Lobby

Community socials

“With Lobby, we were able to restart our company social hours during a really difficult time. After a couple weeks, attendance has doubled and it’s been great to finally connect again.”

Increase Attendance


“The personal connection on Lobby can be the difference between making a hire or losing someone to a counter offer. We really get a chance to try and share our culture with candidates in a virtual setting.”

Attract Talent

Team catch ups

“Our managers have started saving hours a week connecting with their team during a Lobby rather than a series of 1:1s. And it’s been easier to schedule with a single event than getting everyone's calendars in check.”

Save Time

Devices and operating system logos

Any device

iPhone or Android, Mac or PC – Lobby works great on any phone, tablet, or computer.

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Integrate seamlessly with other applications & set Lobby up in just 2 minutes.

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Per Attendee

Up to 10 participants

60 min duration

2 events per month

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Per Attendee

each hour

Up to 1,000 participants

unlimited duration

unlimited events

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Per Attendee

each hour

Up to 10,000 participants

unlimited duration

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